HBO’s Entourage Nears Its End

Turtle, Vince, Ari, E, and Drama
Entourage, HBO’s longest running scripted series, will end its eight year run with 96 episodes having been produced. Since it will likely take three more seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm to surpass it, chances are that Mark Wahlberg’s series will retire uncontested by Larry David. The series, which began as a satirical series loosely based off of the lives of Wahlberg and his friends, has provided a window to the Hollywood lifestyle in a way that not even reality television has been able to.
One thing about this series that makes it stand out is the way it approaches each season arc. In a way, each year that Entourage has been on the air has been its own act in what has been the equivalent of  a never-ending Shakespearean drama that has yet to distinguish whether it is a comedy, tragedy, or romance. The series has been somewhat of a roller-coaster, with each of the main characters finding that with every success comes greater failure and that every reward results in the risk of losing sight of the hard work it took to earn it.
Where the first season introduced the characters of Vincent Chase, “Drama,” E, Turtle, and super agent Ari Gold while documenting Vince’s rising star, the second season featured the young actor’s rise as Hollywood’s next big thing. This was followed by an extended third season that had the budding A-list actor risk his own bankability by pursuing dream projects in place of guaranteed blockbusters. The consequences of Vince’s poor decision making are explored in season four and addressed directly throughout season five, with Vince’s career suffering a rapid decline. If the sixth season was one of redemption, than the seventh was about succumbing to the temptations that come along with success.
These guys have a few choices for what they’ll drive off into the sunset with.
Will it be all smiles when it’s all said and done?
While his entourage, much like the series itself, has always revolved around the life and career of Vincent Chase over those seven seasons, each member has seen his own personal and professional growth. Johnny “Drama” went from an industry joke to a successful television star, Turtle finds a knack for entrepreneurship, Ari becomes the most powerful agent in Hollywood at the risk of losing his family, and E’s career has thrived as Vince’s producer and manager as his personal relationships have suffered.
The past couple of seasons may have been significantly inconsistent in quality, but this trailer looks like all of the necessary devices are in place to tie it all together. If there’s truth to the rumor that there will be an Entourage feature film to follow the conclusion of the series, then this final season will need to find its earlier charm. With the eighth, and final, season now here, each star is at risk of fading before they are allowed to align.

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