So There’s Already A Community Season 3 Wishlist?

The second season of NBC’s critically-acclaimed Community ended earlier this month with a spectacular two-part season finale that featured yet another incredible game of “Paintball Assassin” and offered some insight to what we could expect to be a major arc to kick off Season 3 in that Pierce had walked out on the study group. The immediate reaction on Twitter, following the season finale, was one of genuine surprise and hurt. After having invested two years into the character, to find out backstory that dates back 10 years prior was a major, major reveal. The aftermath of this reveal, along with the decision by Pierce to separate himself from the only group of friends he’s had, possibly ever, will likely be the major arc early in the season. This is, after all, the group of people who Pierce, himself, has gone on record to call his family. For all he had done to push them away, the group stuck by him. It will be interesting to watch as they attempt to win him over.

Fans of the series are so interested in what will happen next season that they have begun publicly piecing together a Community wishlist for season 3 within weeks of the finale. This fandom, who have bonded over their love of the series through social media networks, aptly refer to themselves as “Communies,” a name voted on last September as if to personify their shared affinity of the series. Ratings aside, NBC has a special property in the Dan Harmon-created sitcom, considering the second season ended less than three weeks ago and this group of fans are already thinking up episode themes, casting ideas, and potential plot devices.

One of the more intriguing topics of discussion was the possibility of there being an entire episode sans dialog. For a show that is so driven by its dialog, this might be considered a risky idea, but Community’s showrunners have an extensive resume for making risky ideas work. Another similarly risky idea involves a study group personality switch for the Halloween episode.

Callbacks for Lauren Stamile’s Professor Michelle Slater, Kevin Corrigan’s Sean Garrity, Eric Christian Olsen’s Vaughn, and the Human Being Mascot remind us that supporting and guest roles can have a lasting effect on viewers. Likewise, revered Greendale events such as “family day” or the school dances are a reminder that Paintball isn’t the only theme fans would like to see revisited. As for which guest stars fans are hoping to see cast? Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) and Bill Murray (reprising his role as John Winger) as Jeff’s parents and Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars) as Annie’s dad were among the highlights, as was the oft-cited Luis Guzman, who still holds the title as Greendale’s most famous alum.

Aside from shipping antics (Jeff/Annie, Dean/Jeff, Dean/Dean, Jeff/Slater, Britta/Troy, etc.), other plot scenarios include a bottle episode where the study group gets locked in the library overnight, a meta-nod to Hot Sluts, Alison Brie’s webisode series, where the group celebrates Annie’s 21st birthday at a sketchy night club in her neighborhood,  and an episode where they hold auditions for a new glee club, since the old glee club died in a bus crash.

Finally, there has been a demand for a Community and Parks and Recreation crossover since Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford mentioned Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Can’t Buy Me Love in an episode that aired late in their third season. Further adding to this, NBC’s official Parks and Recreation Twitter page recently polled its followers on crossover pairings. That the shows are now make up the first hour of their network’s legendary Thursday night comedy block offers greater potential for an hour-long event in which the two ensembles cross paths.


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