My LoVe Letter to Warner Bros.

The following is my just-sent contribution to the Veronica Mars movie petition e-mail address that Warner Bros. set up:

Dear Warner Bros. Executives,

I am writing you with humble hope that there is currently work being done in preparation for a Veronica Mars feature film. While there has been a lack of official updates in regards to the project in question, there has been a consistent demand for this particular feature. 
The fans of the Veronica Mars franchise are passionate, as evidenced by the Twitter campaigns and Facebook fan pages. Despite the fact that it’s been four years now since the last time we saw Veronica Mars on screen, we refuse to give up hope. You see, we believe in these characters because we took the time to invest in them as viewers, just as the creators of the series invested in their development. It was a tough pill to swallow, accepting that a fourth season would never air, but the glimmer of hope that those of us who fell in LoVe with the series have held onto is the chance that Warner Bros. Pictures would offer us a feature film, even if it was a one-off. That said, I firmly believe that there is great potential for a movie franchise here. However, in order for a movie franchise to even be considered, a feature would have to be made and prove to be successful. While I am sure that there are those out there who would be content with a straight-to-DVD release, I must reiterate that there is great potential in a Veronica Mars feature film. Kristen Bell will have a role that she can thrive in as a lead, as it is a role she knows quite well. Likewise, I’m sure you’ve realized by now just how loyal us Veronica Mars fans are. We will get behind any and every film whose trailer is attached to our movie.

Please consider this. The Veronica Mars television series offered so much depth. There was action, suspense, drama, mystery, and romance. I’m not a firm believer in love, but I surely Tweeted Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas last month after watching the “epic” scene between Logan and Veronica in season 2. My Tweet? “Logan and Veronica always manage to make me a believer in the one thing I’m most cynical about in the world – LoVe. Thx.” I can’t be the only person who feels that way and you, as a studio, should not overlook the fact that you have a property on hand with the potential to move its viewers in such a way.

In that “epic” scene I referenced earlier, Logan tells Veronica that “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.” I will go you one further and say that no one writes anything meaningful about those relationships or moments that come easy, be it a song, novel, or screenplay. This journey has been everything but easy for each and every one of us who are holding on, and Rob Thomas has openly stated that he would begin writing the script the moment he gets word that the project is in motion. Let that moment be now. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, here. Put the studio behind it and let this be your ultimate payoff.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Christopher Griffin

1 thought on “My LoVe Letter to Warner Bros.

  1. I could not agree more! I feel like Veronica Mars was one of the most well written shows on television and it deserves a proper ending. A movie would be perfect, and considering the writers and main characters are all behind the idea, I don't know why the Warner Brothers aren't!

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