Preview for Part Two of Community’s 2nd Season Finale – “For A Few Paintballs More”

When news broke, back in February, that a sequel to last year’s “Modern Warfare” was in the works for the second season finale, my initial reaction was one that can be described as nervously excited. On one hand, it sounded awfully dangerous for Community to revisit what is considered by many to be the absolute standout episode of the series 49-episode run. “Modern Warfare” was absolute perfection, in terms of showcasing what this show is capable of creatively, and even though Community, over the course of its second season, has consistently raised the bar to near-unreachable levels, it would have be a stretch to think that magic could be recreated. It would have been a stretch a stretch, that is, until lightning struck twice and, once again, Community separated itself from all other sitcoms currently on-air (your move, Parks and Rec).

All fears were put to rest by the end of last week’s “A Fistful of Paintballs,” the first of a two-part season finale. This Thursday, “For A Few Paintballs More” should wrap up the two-part finale in epic fashion, as the study group aligns with remaining Greendale students in a paintball war zone, much different from last week’s Western theme that was first hinted at over the news ticker in “Intro to Political Science.” Notably, that very ticker suggested there would be no paintball this year, as well as acknowledging the unknown whereabouts of Professor Michelle Slater.

Why bring up the Slater mention? Because we were left last week with the notion that there was something much bigger at hand than a paintball game sponsored by a local ice-cream company. With the end tag featuring an antagonistic figure who, from what we know, very much resembles the dean of City College, the promise of revenge made in “Basic Rocket Science” may finally be coming into fruition. Could Slater have defected to City College in the aftermath of enduring public embarrassment in front of the entire Greendale student body in last season’s finale? In a series where nothing is ever done by accident, it makes perfect sense.

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