Abed Did Ask For More Paintball, After All…

Tomorrow begins a bitter-sweet adventure on Community as it begins the first of a two-part second season finale that will revisit “Modern Warfare,” last year’s extraordinary paintball episode. Fortunately, much like their second season in general, Community is making this year’s paintball adventure a much bigger event. Having witnessed a Zombie-takeover on Halloween, a Rankin-Bass inspired Christmas adventure, and two episodes that took place entirely inside the library study room (with one of which being the excellent medieval-themed Dungeons and Dragons episode), Community‘s show-runners have lived up to their own self-hype of going all-out this year.

Where last year’s paintball event paid homage to the action movie genre, and Die Hard in particularly, at least the first part of this year’s outing will take on classic Westerns. Lost‘s Josh Holloway guest stars as a mysterious paintball enthusiast who, judging from promo-clips, will by vying for none other than Annie’s affection. That alone, when considering “the Annie of it all,” may lay the groundwork for a rivalry of epic proportions.

Judging from the way in which Community has consistently raised the bar for sitcoms to an almost unreachable level, there’s no reason to think that this should be anything less than incredible.

So why bittersweet, you ask? Well the answer to that is quite simple. Once the paint dries, it will be time to say goodbye to Greendale for the summer.


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