Some Things Are About to Chang(e) on Community

This week’s Community, “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts,” will finally resolve the Shirley/Chang/Andre pregnancy storyline, unless the child ends up being Chang’s, which would result in more of the awkward interactions we’ve come to look forward to between the three in “Asian Population Studies” and “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy.”

I’m sure nobody expected back in October that Shirley and Chang’s tryst during “Epidemiology,” the zombie-themed Halloween episode was going to be a catalyst throughout the rest of Community‘s second season (a season which has been superb, on all counts). Some may have even considered the hook-up to be a nod to last season’s “Modern Warfare,” when Jeff and Britta finally did the deed once they found themselves separated from all of the chaos in that episode. It is, after all, a horror-movie staple to have two characters sleep together before becoming casualties. On Community, though, every slight nod and every homage are part of a greater body of work, and with Chang bragging on Troy’s voice-mail about his conquest, it let viewers know that there would be at least one event from the episode would potentially show itself later on.

As things got back to normal, or as close to normal as things get at Greendale, Halloween became sort of an afterthought (it’s easy to forget about something that nobody remembers). It wasn’t until “Cooperative Calligraphy” that we found out Shirley had reconnected with her ex-husband and was dealing with an unexpected pregnancy that we were reminded, by a wide-eyed Troy, of Chang’s voice-mail. Since the reveal, there has been a growing tension between Shirley and Chang with great hilarity had at Chang’s attempts of redemption in Shirley’s eyes.

There is much to be said about a character who, throughout the series, has been the study group’s ultimate antagonist while all the while desperately seeking acceptance from them. That he has seemingly lost the little he had left to his name, yet may forever be connected to the group means there is a lot more at stake for Chang than is on the surface.

Also, if on hand when Shirley’s water breaks, should we expect Abed to deliver his second baby of the school year?


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