Creative Community

While it has become almost expected of me to express excitement whenever there is new Community to look forward to, I am especially looking forward to this week’s venture, “Paradigms of Human Memory,” as it promises a unique outlet for Community’s creative team to explore. Throughout this second season alone, viewers have been treated to a Halloween episode that featured a zombie infestation at Greendale Community College, a Christmas episode done completely in stop-motion claymation, similar to the classic Rankin-Bass holiday specials of yesteryear, homages to Apollo 13, and My Dinner With Andre, and three superb “bottle episodes,” (“Cooperative Calligraphy,” “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,” and “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”). Incredibly, every one of these events took place in the actual episodic timeline. Seriously, with no dream or fantasy-sequences needed to explain these stories, the fictitious college’s slogan should be changed to “Greendale Community College: Where anything goes.”

As for this week’s upcoming episode, the premise of “Paradigms,” from what the synopsis offers, is that the Greendale gang will gather in the study-room and reminisce on events from the past year (rumor has it that we may finally get to see Annie’s Boobs again). While flashbacks aren’t necessarily a ground-breaking concept in episodic television, it is often times done with rehashed scenes or in montage-form. To do a full episode where new back-story is given that we may have had no implications of prior to the scene’s reveal seems a bold move, but anybody who has followed the series thus far knows that Dan Harmon and his writing staff excel when challenged with creative concepts.

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