If I Manage Two Blogs, Does That Mean I’m Officially A Blogger?

I started my first blog, “Those Fish Tacos Are The Tits,” last July with intent on utilizing it as a venting tool and to post some of my creative writing. Thus far, I’ve definitely accomplished the former, treating the space as a very personal and very public diary. What I didn’t expect was to find myself motivated to the point where I would be doing write-ups to sitcoms and dedicating space to pop-culture analysis. After all, by 2007, Veronica Mars, The O.C., Arrested Development, and any other series that I really invested in had been canceled. After that, I would get into a series by means of borrowing DVDs, but had yet to find one that moved me enough to genuinely care for. 

While I find myself enjoying more sitcoms than I do dramas, that has more to do with the number of enjoyable programs available to me. Most network dramas are highly repetitive. I have zero-interest in medical dramas and the only detective/police series that has ever caught my eye, aside from Veronica Mars, was Southland (which was canceled by NBC but now airs on Turner’s networks). However, that’s not to say I won’t get into a series that features hour-long programming. After all, I was an avid fan of The O.C. and, seeing as I Google “Veronica Mars movie” on a weekly basis and will introduce it to whichever girl I’m dating, I’m more of a die-hard than an avid fan of Kristen Bell’s series. Speaking of TV marathons and relationships, I once dated a girl who wanted to marathon, in its entirety, the short-lived Summerland. Despite having never heard of it before, I spent several nights streaming episode-after-episode with her over YouTube and was impressed to the point where I felt robbed that the second season ended with no promise of a third, much like I felt with many of the aforementioned series.
While the 21st Century drama has been repetitive, but successful, the 21st Century sitcom had been uninspired, showing little-to-no originality since the cancellation of ArrestedScrubs had seen its quality dip dramatically in its final two seasons and the family-centered sitcoms that ruled the mid 2000’s such as My Wife and KidsGeorge Lopez, and 8 Simple Rules (which was a decent series hampered by John Ritter’s untimely passing) had all ended with no successor in sight. Each of these programs found a nice home in syndication, either on cable or in local markets, much like their predecessors did. Of the handful of sitcoms that have succeeded in recent years, The OfficeHow I Met Your Mother, and 30 Rock have each been enjoyable and laugh-worthy, but were very character driven. Remove Neil Patrick Harris or Alec Baldwin from either of their respective shows and what we’d be left with is very thin. We will soon find out if the same will be said for the much more ensemble-driven Office as series lead Steve Carrell will play his way out by the end of this season, its sixth.
Over the past two years, however, there has been an infusion of well-written, intelligent ensemble comedies that will surely garner Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and wins for years to come. The year 2009, alone, saw four shows debut and become critical darlings and comedic gold. Modern Family and Cougar Town have become ABC’s Wednesday comedy block, and NBC has the only two shows that can take claim to the title of “Best Sitcom on Network Television” in Community and Parks and Recreation. All of a sudden, we’re in 2011 and have television worth writing about again. Unsurprisingly, many of the writers, producers, and directors of these current programs were writers, producers, and directors for Arrested DevelopmentScrubs, and the earlier seasons of The Office.
With all of that now written, I will use this new blog to continue offer pop-culture analysis, while maintaining my “Those Fish Tacos Are The Tits” blog as the personal diary it has been. As for my creative works? Don’t be surprised if you start seeing short stories, bits of Children’s fiction, and attempts at poetry posted there as well. Now if only I could think up something clever and TV-related to name this thing after.

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